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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OVIG?

OVIG, Ontario Visually Impaired Golfers is a registered Canadian charity that promotes and provides golfing events for its visually challenged members.

How is OVIG funded?

Since OVIG is a registered Canadian charity, it accepts donations from the public as well as hosting the annual COLIN KRESSLER CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT.

What costs are involved to be part of OVIG?

Each year the Board of Directors set a nominal registration fee for the members. For all contracted events, members are usually only responsible for the golf cart rental.

Are the rules of golf different for blind golfers?

Yes. A visually challenged golfer is allowed to have a sighted person accompany him/her as a coach. The coach can assist the golfer in getting set up to make contact with the ball and can stand behind the golfers to help with lining up. The coach can also use voice commands to assist with direction. Visually challenged golfers may also "ground" their club in a sand trap. All other rules of golf apply.

Do totally blind golfers compete against partially blind golfers?

OVIG has no classification except that you must hold a valid CNIB client card. National and International events require a medical examination. The purpose of the examination is to determine the sight category in which you will play Blind Golf. Blind Golf is played by people who qualify for one of the three classifications used in the game, B1, B2, and B3, defined as follows.

B1: No sight at all up to light perception but not able to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance

B2: Sight is from recognizing the shape of a hand up to 2/60 Snellon or it's equivalent.

B3: Sight is better than 2/60 but does not exceed 6/60 Snellon.

Where are the events held?

OVIG holds its events at various golf courses from Toronto, ON to London, ON starting in May and ending in September. In late August, a two - day Provincial Championship is held. Check Events for more detailed information.

How do I join OVIG?

Contact any of OVIG's directors for information and remember, "You don't have to see it to tee it".

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